ABBA – 20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection: The Best of ABBA

Artist ABBA
Type Compilation
Released 26 September 2000
Genres Pop, Europop Disco
Descriptors female vocals, melodic

Only 11 tracks for a millennium compilation for around 45′ !!!

I think some record companies are really cheating the customers. It’s a real robbery.

Now « Waterloo » is OK, « S.O.S. » and « Fernando » are 2 nice songs. All the rest is made of more or less forgettable pop stuff and « I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do » is the most unbearable song ever released by this band.

I always considered this band like a commercial rip-off The Mamas & The Papas with less talent.


Artist ABBA
Type Album
Released 21 April 1975
Recorded 22 August 1974 – 16 March 1975
Genres Europop, PopPop Rock
Descriptors female vocals, male vocals, playful, melodic, happy
Language English
Common tags pop, 1975, sweden, europop, pop rock, euro pop, 1970s, 70s, swedish, album, disco, 70’s, abba

Following to their 1973 Eurovision Song Contest victory, Abba is one of the rare bands having been able to pursue an international very successful career.

I have never been a big fan of this band, finding them too commercial with vocals too much ripped of from The Mamas & The Papas with far less skill.

Here excepted the wonderful « S.O.S. » and the listenable « Hey Hey Helen », all the rest is utterly mediocre, bombastic and noisy.

« I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do » is by far the worst hit song ever written by Abba. The saxophone intro sounds awful and the whole song is insipid.

« Tropical Loveland » is a poor attempt of singing reggae and it doesn’t make it at all.
And what to say about the bloated « Intermezzo No. 1 »? Another poor attempt to go into classical music!

As a conclusion, I would say this album is pretty weak in spite of trying to play in different musical genres.

ABBA – I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do / Rock Me

Artist ABBA
Type Single
Released 1975
Genres Europop, Schlager Pop Rock vote on genres
Descriptors Wall of Sound, sentimental, love, melodic, longing, female vocals, romantic, lush vote on descriptors
Issue details Disques Vogue / 45.X.12077 / France
Attributes 45 rpm

This song is so cheesy and the saxophone sound is terrible in the intro and in the solo. 
Only #38 in UK, the song peaked at #5 in France.

« I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do« 

U-Turn (Lili)

Artist AaRON
Type Single
Released 2006
Genres Indie Pop, Piano Rock Chamber Pop, Trip Hop

Le slow qui tue ! Les ados ont déjà pleuré là-dessus.
Ce n’est pas mal mais tout de même pas très original car il y a un air de déjà entendu avec cette voix un peu sinistre et ces accords plaqués de piano au début… Ça fait penser un peu à l’ambiance du 1er album de Tom McRae mais ce dernier a quelque chose de plus déchirant, intime et plus profond alors qu’on perçoit une orientation plus commerciale chez Aaron.
Un slow sympathique que vous pouvez écouter ci-dessous.

« U-Turn (Lili) »